Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Plausible Deniability

Did I say I'd be back in mid-July? No, I said "'round bout the middle of July". Obviously July 20 qualifies. And, true, I'm not really back yet -- it'll be a few more days. But then again, I posted this, didn't I? Like Dear Leader, I am a man of my (technical) word...

Besides, it's not like much has happened right? Well, there was the horrific bombing in London. And lots of horrific bombings in Iraq. And in domestic politics, O'Connor faded to Rove, who trumped with Roberts. But, y'know, apart from all that...

Okay. Snark aside, I'd love to have my say on recent events, but the Time of Intense Busyness has yet to abate. So I will simply direct you elsewhere. Not having time to do a proper link-hunt, I'll just use this as an opportunity to point out that Billmon is the best political writer in the country today (not just blogger -- political writer). The only times during which he hasn't been my favorite bloggger are those occasions when he's taken a long vacation from blogging. When he's in his grove -- as he has been recently -- he's the best there is.

So I give you Billmon on the Supreme Court nomination: on the timing of Bush's announcement, on Roberts, and on the Liberal reaction to him.

There's also Billmon's obituary by quote of General Westmoreland, Billmon taking on the New York Times, Billmon in a humorous mood, and Billmon on patriotism (from July 4).

All this is apart from some of the best Rove/Plame coverage and analysis on the web. For that, just go to his main site and click down -- until the recent shift to Roberts, it's been quite steady. (From the MSM, the best commentary, unsurprisingly, has been from Krugman and Frank Rich.)

And I'll be back with more to say in a few days. Or a week at most. Honest.

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