Saturday, April 28, 2007

Old Supervillain Jokes Never Die...

...they just seem to, somehow reappearing (with brand-new and even-more-fiendish plans!) several blog posts later!

• From Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin: Dr. Doom's Top Ten Euphemisms for Sex

• Jonathan Coulton's song Skullcrusher Mountain

Dave Campbell: "Enter Stilt Man - enter Radical Awesomeness. In my mind, any comic can be improved by the addition of Stilt Man, the most gloriously goofy and retro and somehow charming villain you could ask for." More Dave Campbell Radical Awesomeness here.

From all over the place:

(Yes, Dick Cheney is a supervillain. -- What? You really need that one explained?)

... um, yes, I am grading papers today. Why do you ask?

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