Friday, April 20, 2007

Wikipedia's Really Taken the Smeg This Time

I am on record with my love for Wikipedia. But they have a really bad habit of deleting awesome articles. When I compiled my earlier list of wacky (wonderful!) Wikipedia lists, I noted that in the time I was collecting them, some of them had already been deleted.

But this fracking takes the gorram cake. Wikipedia has deleted its list of fictional expletives!! All of their reasons are total kark -- various smeg about it being "indiscriminate", "unverifiable"... a lot of which seem to boil down to it not having the Dignity of An Encyclopedia Topic.

Which is a load of total dren. First, have they seen some of the stuff that they do have articles on? I mean, really? Second, this whole "not notable" thing... it's the fraggin' internet!?! It's not like you need to save space! If it's not notable... don't read it. Let those note it who care.

Basically, this seems to embody a sense of Taking Itself Seriously which, as far as I'm concerned, misses half the point. Yeah, Wikipedia is a good resource (sometimes) for standards subjects. But it's a really kick-ass resource for weird and random smeg. It's what makes the whole thing fun, keeps it worth looking at.

I mean, yeah, fortunately the web archive site comes through with this preserved version of the list. And yes, there are similar lists that exist on other sites. But if it can't be changed and updated... if it isn't on Wikipedia... it's just not the same.

Wikipedia, you really frelled up this time.


(Update) Other Lost Lists:

Going through my earlier list of wacky Wikipedia lists the following lists have also been deleted in the last 8 and a half months. I liked all of them. (Links are to versions of the lists, where available.)

List of fictional people who were cremated
List of fictional characters with one eye
List of fictional cities
List of fictional road numbers
List of fictional frogs
List of people who became famous only in death
• List of people who became famous through being terminally ill
List of places by Jedi (i.e. number claiming to adhere to the religion)
List of people widely considered eccentric
List of songs over fifteen minutes in length
List of sets of unrelated albums with identical titles
• List of songs parodied by Weird Al Yankovic
List of real people appearing in fictional context

May they return speedily, in our days.

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