Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dianne Feinstein Believes In the Evil She Enables

Read Glenn Greenwald (who's always trying to snatch Digby's spot as best political blogger around) today on Dianne Feinstein. He makes the key point quite clearly, with his usual reams of supporting evidence.

Now: what the !@#$% can we do about this? Not Feinstein in particular, but this whole general class of Democratic politicians?

(Consider this an adjunct to my ongoing series on the liberal argument against Hillary Clinton.)

Update: Digby has more here. And Avedon Carol ways in here (on the general issue) and here (on Feinstein specifically). Though while they lay out the problem well, no one has any solutions that I can see.

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Anonymous said...

evil selfish Diane Feinstein oppressor and tyrant btch living a lavish lifestyle at the expense of hard working patriotic Americans. Hang this btch!!!!!