Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fragment of an Unfinished Blog Post

...I have my own views on the subject, of course. Surprisingly strong opinions, really, given that it's not an issue that's really directly connected to me in any way. But in addition to views on the subject, I also have meta-views on my views on this subject. Which is to say, I am also strongly of the opinion that anyone seeking any information on this topic would be crazy to ask me, and foolish to listen to what I had to say if they heard it. However strongly I may feel about the subject, I am also clearly not someone with a good evidentiary basis for considering the topic, nor someone who is all that interesting or insightful or even reliable on these sorts of matters.

And why would you trust my evaluations on the topic but not on the meta-topic? Either I am trustworthy, in which case my views on the meta-topic should prevent you from considering my views; or I am not, in which case the entire set should be thrown out. (And yes, I do have meta-meta-views that my meta views are reliable.)

All that said: here's what I think on the matter...

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