Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More Iran Links

Since I published my first two posts on the possibility of Bush attacking Iran, lots of people have said good stuff on the topic. Here are links to some of what I've seen, read and thought worth reading.

Matt Ygelsias makes the basic case against war.

• The Union of Concerned Scientists has an animation explaining why nuclear 'bunker buster' bombs are likely not to work. (via)

• Billmon followed up his first post with a lot more on this topic; in particular This is Not a Drill, The Flight Forward and The Spiral Conflict.

• Glenn Greenwald notes that Bush thinks he has the authorization to attack Iran and talks about how the script for Iraq is being run again without any authorization in the aptly titled 'Lucy, Charlie Brown & the Football'.

• File under 'great minds think alike': both Glenn Greenwald and Billmon have written about right's use of the Neville Chamberlin metaphor.

• Digby speculates on whether Bush has already covertly begun the war; Majikthise, in contrast, speculates that the current retired general's rebellion aginst Rumsfeld might be an attempt to prevent the war. Digby also reminds us of the connection to neoconservative beliefs.

• Arthur Silber in anger and despair: Morality, Humanity and Civilization: "Nothing remains...but memories" and Lunatic World.

William Rivers Pitt is scaring a lot of people with his essay about Iran's blowback capacity. Read and see why.

Paul Krugman. 'Nuff said.

• Finally, here's something funny to chear you up after reading all that.

(Update: links added.)

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