Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A few years ago a very old family friend (a law professor, as most of my family's very old family friends are) asked me to name one (political) blog she should read. I hemmed and hawed, and talked about how this was like asking for one thing written in this new-fangled form, "magazines" (to adapt a line from Slacktivist); but then I said Digby's blog Hullabaloo was the one to read.

Because, while Atrios is the go-to guy for daily links, if you're only going to read one blog analyst, Digby's the one to read. (For that matter, Atrios has a regular feature called "What Digby Said" -- which has spread far & wide in the reality-based blogosphere.)

True then;* and despite the extraordinary breadth and quality of the competition, probably true today. Digby sees through the lies, sees what needs doing... and writes it up in elegant but fiery prose.

In the grand tradition of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, Digby wrote pseudonymously. No one knew who Digby was...

Until tonight.

Coaxed out of pseudonymity by the newly-blogging Rick Pearlstein, now you can go listen to Digby speak in her own voice, live on video. (via) Update: Transcript here.

Long may she blog!

Open thread on Digby's own Hullabaloo is here.

Update: Speech follow-ups: Garance Franke-Ruta tells us Digby's real name and does a little googling; Glenn Greenwald picks up what Digby said in her speech and runs with it; Isaiah Poole interviews Digby here.

* Admittedly, Billmon's Whiskey Bar (now, alas, permanently closed) was on hiatus at the time or it might have been a tougher call.

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