Friday, March 07, 2008

Clinton Campaign Should Fire Clinton for "Disgraceful" Comments

After Obama advisor Samantha Power blurted (in a comment she tried almost instantly -- but futilely -- to retract) out that Clinton was a "monster", the Clinton campaign demanded she be fired (despite her having already apologized); within hours she resigned.

But the Clinton campaign has a key figure who is saying something far worse -- and far more destructive for the Democrats in the general election; namely, that while McCain is qualified to be Commander in Chief, Obama isn't. And this figure has been saying it over and over. It's behavior that one (notably temperate and balanced) liberal blogger has called "disgraceful".

So, clearly, that Clinton campaign figure should resign too. Or, failing that, should be fired.

I really see no choice. The Clinton campaign must fire Hillary Clinton.

(PS: See also Yglesias for more on why this actually should be very worrying about what Clinton's politics are.)

Update: Two good things about the Power incident: Hilzoy and Jonathan Schwarz. They're pretty contradictory (although not in the ways you'd expect, i.e. not along the lines of the Obama vs Clinton campaign). I think I agree with both. (This is actually a reconcilable position, but this margin is to small to contain it, so you'll have to wait.)

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