Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sneak Peak of McCain's Reaction To Journalists' Questioning His Honor

A lot of journalists have been saying that McCain has permanently damaged his reputation in this campaign -- torn the veil away from his pretense of honor. I suspect that, busy as he is with the pressures of the campaign, McCain hasn't really gotten a sense of how badly his reputation has collapsed. Some might wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out.

Well, we here at Attempts have gotten a sneak peak of McCain's reaction to these rumblings from his once-vaunted media "base", once the campaign is over and he finally hears about them. (Warning: as is fitting for McCain's famous temper, the language here is NSF.)


KCinDC said...

I think you're being unfair to Marlo here, and maybe even falling a bit into the denial that Chris Matthews, James Carville, and others have evidenced in believing that McCain must not be in control of his own campaign.

If Marlo had been aware of Omar's calling him out, he'd certainly have acted (perhaps with disastrous consequences). McCain is absolutely aware of the lying he and his campaign are doing, and the effect on his reputation is being discussed on national TV. Perhaps he's in denial, but he's not operating behind a veil of ignorance like Marlo.

Stephen said...

Three responses:

(1) You're right.

(2) I was joking.

(3) I think it's a combination of denial and a genuine lack of knowledge about what people are saying about his lies. I think he'd react that way to people questioning his honor whatever he knows about his own campaign.

Thanks for commenting!


KCinDC said...

Yes, sorry, you didn't deserve to be compared to Matthews and Carville.