Sunday, October 18, 2009

There is the Potential For Some Seriously !@#$%ed Up Slash Fiction Here

Rule 34 of the internet: "If you can imagine it, there is porn of it."

Rule 34 in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure "...governs the process of discovery, in particular, the production of electronic and tangible evidence as well as the circumstances under which one party to a lawsuit may enter the land of another party for inspection "or other purposes.""

"Other purposes"? Oh my. Anyone for some Rule 34 p0rn?*

(Rule 34 google search brought to you by Gerry Canavan's reminding me of this news about Marge Simpson. GC links to the actual pictures; click through if you're curious. Not that NSFW, really, but definitely NS. Oh, and that link at the head of this paragraph? Goes to the image search. As Scott Eric Kaufman wrote in a different yet equally apt context, "Just remember those are the only eyes God gave you and some images can't be stabbed out of them no matter how hard you try." Sort of covers this whole subject, actually.)

Unrelated postscript: I really wish blogger's spellcheck would recognize the word 'internet'. I mean, really.

* Of course, going by the former Rule 34, we can deduce that this already exists somewhere. My brain hurts.

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