Monday, April 11, 2011

The Current Theory-to-Beat on Obama's Leadership Failures

When I read about how Obama took a terrible deal and made it far worse by the political equivalent of scoring a goal against his own side (see also, and also) the first thing I thought of was this old post about how Obama's worst failure is that he's bad at loosing. But I didn't even remember where I'd read it.

Thankfully, Gerry Canavan linked to the writer of the "bad at loosing" post's recent post about how this particular episode exemplifies the fact that Obama's so very, very bad at loosing.

So if you feel like reading something about politics (frankly, these days I keep shutting my eyes and holding my fingers over them to make sure I don't peak, the news is so horrible), I recommend those two posts:

Biggest Surprise of Last Two Years: Bad at Losing, from December 30, 2010;
Obama is Bad at Losing, Budget Edition, from today.

For myself, I can't look at the train wreck no more, 'cause the brightness of the light from the burning bodies is starting to hurt my eyes.

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