Sunday, April 22, 2012

Henry Adams: Links to Works Online, Including His History of the United States

Sadly -- and slightly oddly -- it seems that the work which is arguably Henry Adams's masterpiece -- his History of the United States During the Administrations of Jefferson and Madison -- is not online at Gutenberg. It is, however, available on, so I thought I'd collect links to the nine volumes in one place (since, wonderful as Archive is in many ways, their search function is meh), just as a public service (and since I got obsessive (and had grading to procrastinate on (natch))). Here we are:
All the volumes are also available on google books.

Gutenberg does, however, have Adams's two novels:
as well as his two final works of nonfiction (the latter of which, The Education of Henry Adams, is the other contender for Adams's masterpiece (probably, in all honesty, the stronger contender (despite Wills's articulate plea on behalf of the lengthier book)):
Adams wrote a bunch of other things, but the only other things that the good people at the Library of America have seen fit to collect -- as the tag-end to their three-volume set of the history (in two volumes, one each for Jefferson and Madison) and the novels/nonfiction (the third volume) -- are two of Adams's poems. Taking the storied LoA as my canonical guide, here are links to the two poems to round out this post:
The two poems may be buried somewhere in Gutenberg or Archive -- or both -- but I have simply linked them from the web.

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