Thursday, May 15, 2014

US History 1973 - 2014 Commonplace Book: Lecture 8, Society and Culture in the 1970s (Con't)

...the consciousness revolution, once confined to the youthful counter-culture, has mushroomed into a mass movement particularly popular among the more affluent members of society who can afford the time and money to develop their inner depths. From yoga classes at the YWCA and university extension programs to local "growth" centers and luxurious "awareness" cruises in the Caribbean, the movement has created a network of therapeutic outlets servicing outlets servicing millions of Americans who are bored, dissatisfied with their lives or seeking a God they can experience for themselves. It has also produced a lucrative market for packaged programs in enlightenment, such as Silva Mind Control, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and est, which have blossomed into million-dollar organizations by promising a "new you" to anyone who can pay for it.

Emporia Gazette (Emporia, Kansas), September 3, 1976, p. 4
Introduction to (and explanation of) this quote series can be found here.  Read this tag to see all of them.

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