Saturday, July 19, 2014

US History 1973 - 2014 Commonplace Book: Lecture 18, From Clinton to Gingrich: Politics, 1992 - 1995 (Con't)

[Reply to question about Democrats in Congress:] We're owned by them. Business. That's where the campaign money comes from now. In the nineteen-eighties we gave up on the little guys. We started drinking from the same trough as the Republicans. We figured business would have to pay up because we had the power on the Hill. [pause] We were right. But we didn't realize we were giving them power over us. And now we have both branches of government, and they have even more power. It's too late now.

—Marty Sabo, Chairman of House Budget Committee, to Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, 1993
Introduction to (and explanation of) this quote series can be found here.  Read this tag to see all of them.

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