Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Photographic Novel, Happenstance, Is Now Being Serialized Online

So some of you know that I spent much of the past decade working on a (photo-based) graphic novel titled Happenstance. I'm pleased to announce I've begun serializing it online. My plan (kenina hara) is to post new images twice a week, Monday and Thursday (where each image is a two-page spread: the contrast between the pages becomes important down the line).

The graphic novel to date can be read here: http://happenstance.thecomicseries.com/

So please check it out, like & share with your friends!


Lisa said...

Are you a Christian? I ask, because Happenstance seems very Christian, but in your blog, you seem to be Jewish.

Stephen said...

Lisa: I myself am (culturally) Jewish, and am (theologically) an atheist. But some of my characters are or become Christian over the course of the story (the story is about several simultaneous religious transformations, of which so far only one has really gotten going; for the next, wait until Chapter 4!).

Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to ask. New pages every Monday & Thursday!