Friday, January 26, 2018

Barry Eisler Reading Order

Charted updated as of January, 2019.

Some of my favorite light reading are the thrillers of Barry Eisler. As he's gone along, the overlaps in his characters/series have become more complicated.  So, in a fit of OCD and with a nod to the Terry Pratchett Reading Order guide, I made this chart. I offer it here for the edification of all and sundry.  But do take the compiler's note about how you can start anywhere seriously.

(Click for a larger version.)

Incidentally, I got into this because I had just bought my aunt the second Livia Lone book as a present — she'd liked the first — and was trying to think of how to explain who Dox was and how he fits in.  It's tricky!


Anonymous said...

Maybe create a legible version?

Stephen said...

Did you miss the words "click for a larger version"?

Anonymous said...

This is awesome -- very nicely done. And useful, of course!