Sunday, March 26, 2006

2005 Koufax Awards Ballot

Here are my votes for the 2005 Koufax awards. Some choices were very narrowly decided -- there's a lot of great liberal writing out there. In some categories I wish I had more time to study the various choices in more detail. But in the end I decided to vote based on what I knew and thought at the moment (rather than deciding I was so overwhelmed by good and/or new choices that I wouldn't vote at all). So, without further ado --

Best Blog (non-pro): Hullabaloo
Best Blog Community: Daily Kos
Best Blog (pro/sponsor): Think Progress
Best Group Blog: Pandagon
Best Post: Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald: Bush's Unchecked Executive Power v. the Founding Principles of the U.S.
Best Series: Scott Lemieux of Lawyers, Guns, and Money for his Supreme Court coverage
Best Writing: Michael Berube Online
Best Expert Blog: Pharyngula
Best Single Issue: Informed Comment
Most Humorous Blog: Fafblog
Most Humorous Post: Kung Fu Monkey: Lunch Discussions #145: The Crazification Factor
More Deserving of Wider Recognition: 3 Quarks Daily
Best New Blog: Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald

[I cast no vote in the following categories:
Best State or Local Blog
Best Blog Commenter]

If you want to check out the competition, here are the pages with the links to all the finalists: Best Blog (non-pro); Best Blog Community; Best Blog (pro/sponsor); Best Group Blog; Best Post; Best Series; Best Writing; Best Expert Blog; Best Single Issue Blog; Most Humorous Blog; Most Humorous Post; Most Deserving of Wider Recognition; Best New Blog.

Incidentally, so far as I can tell this post by John Scalzi -- Being poor is knowing exactly how much everything costs -- was not ever nominated for best post. Now, I don't vote in rounds before the finals round, because I'm intimidated by how much I don't know. But I think it's a terrible, terrible oversight that Scalzi's post wasn't even nominated; had it ever occurred to me that it wouldn't be I would have done so. If it were on the final ballot, I would vote for it over any of the other contenders for best post this year (good as those are). So consider it my vote for "work most overlooked by the Koufax nominators" and my (uncounted) write-in vote for best post. In the meantime, if you haven't read it. do so. Don't skip the comments, which add a lot.

And the winners are...

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