Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brief Continuity Update

A couple weeks ago I posted a comics script released under a creative commons license, linking to it both here on my blog and on its own site. The script had taken me perhaps a month to write, on and off. It was for a 24 page comic, intended as a one-shot (i.e. not the beginning of an ongoing comic series), and I called it Continuity #1.

Well, I just found out last night that there is a graphic novel -- an actual, really-drawn-and-not-just-a-script and really-being-published-by-an-honest-to-God-publisher (AiT/Planet Lar) graphic novel -- coming out in June called, yes, Continuity. Not being a regular reader of Previews I hadn't known this. Now, I don't think that a big-time graphic novel like Continuity is going to be threatened by an embryonic little project like my script. And, frankly, it's not the most astonishing title for a comic ever devised ("continuity" being a big topic with comics fans). Still, if I'd known that there was a published book coming out with the title, I'd have chosen a different name for my script. But I didn't know, the script is out there, and I don't plan on changing it now. I doubt anyone will care, frankly. But I thought I should note the coincidence.

If you want to check out the upcoming graphic novel Continuity, the first 25 pages are being offered as a preview (in pdf format); you can find the preview here (direct link). If you want to read my script, you can find it here (direct link).

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