Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Department of Things That Just Ain't So

From Cal Thomas's column today: "No Christian who believes the Bible believes in universalism."

Cal Thomas, meet Keith DeRose. You may disagree with his interpretation of the bible (as I disagree with his, and your, metaphysics); but the notion that he isn't a "Christian who believes the Bible" is ridiculous. Also note the links to other writings taking a similar position.

(Link to Cal Thomas via Steve Benen, who talks about some of the other problematic things in this column.)

Afterthought: Incidentally, I don't think the main point of Cal Thomas's column is right either -- among other things, I think he's misrepresenting what Bush said. (I can't believe I'm defending Bush!) I think Bush was just trying to say something akin to what C. S. Lewis says at the beginning of chapter six of Mere Christianity. Two people can believe they're worshiping the same God even while acknowledging they have different ideas about what He's like and what He wants. (The puzzler is, would two atheists say that two theists are worshiping the same God, given that they don't think there is an entity which corresponds to their intentional object. -- That I don't know. Is there a philosopher in the house?)

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