Monday, October 29, 2007

What Josh Marshall Said

If Obama is looking for an issue where the politics and the substance both point in the same direction it's sitting right in front of him: Iran. In front of everyone's eyes we are creeping toward a catastrophic replay of the mistakes the country made half a decade ago in Iraq. You hear the same arguments -- 'time is not on our side,' etc. All nonsense. Even among the 'sensible' people on this issue the common assumption is that yes, eventually we may need to go to war. But we need to give more time to diplomacy, etc. This is all nonsense and it's a set of shared assumptions that now appears to unite Hillary with all the Republican candidates. At least that's one way to interpret her recent remarks. This is an issue that goes to the heart of America's future role in the world. And it's an issue that could work for him. Or someone, if they'd pick it up and start talking sense.
Between his embrace of anti-gay bigotry (more here) and this whole social security debacle, Obama is continuing to work hard to eliminate any sense that he'd be as good as, well, we all hoped he'd be.

But of course invading Iran would be a disaster of unparalleled proportions (at least in recent history); and Obama was, once upon a time, right on the Iraq war. And it'd be nice to have a !@#$%ing Democrat who was anti-war...

How 'bout it, Obama?

(All links via Atrios, since I've otherwise been off-line all weekend...)

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