Friday, June 20, 2008

Pelosi's House Attacks the Constitution

I seem to be in one of my periodic blogging lulls, but I wanted to note that I share the (left) blogosphere's broad and deep disdain for the cowardice, corruption, malevolence and or/idiocy for the Democratic-controlled Congress's pathetic capitulation on the issue of immunity for telecoms who collaborated with Bush to break the law. And shame on Obama for agreeing to this vile bill.

I presume most of my readers have been following this elsewhere. If not, Glenn Greenwald has been all over this (his latest posts are here and here; work back from there). Digby and Hilzoy explain why it's important in complementary ways; explore both blogs for more.

But really, go anywhere in the blogosphere to the left of Andrew Sullivan: we all get it. The Democrats -- Obama included -- joined with Bush & the Republicans to shred the constitution today. We are a less free country, a less just country, a worse country because of it. Damn them all.

Update: Also, what Atrios said. Hardly the most important reason to oppose this; but an important and true one.

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