Saturday, August 23, 2008


Or so everyone's reporting as of now (early Saturday morning).

My first reaction: Meh. Coulda been worse. Doesn't raise my enthusiasm. Depressingly centrist & "safe". I hate that Obama picked someone who voted for the war. But better than Kaine or Bayh, I think. Good that he's aggressive in debate; Obama could probably use an attack dog in the rest of the campaign. Overall: Meh. But it coulda been worse.

Atrios is a bit more upbeat than I.

OK, on to November....

Update (Monday, 8/25): My favorite comment on the selection so far comes in two parts, both from the comments section of Making Light. First, Nina Katrina:
Biden makes a decent Tommy Lee Jones to Obama's Will Smith.
And then Magenta Griffith:
Obama is Will Smith, Biden is Tommy Lee Jones - and McCain is the giant cockroach they have to defeat!

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