Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ezra Nails It

Ezra Kline has come up with the perfect description of the strange dynamic between McCain campaign and the press:
It's amazing how dumb [the McCain campaign] seem to think the press corps is. And its amazing how dumb the press corps is willing to be. It's like watching Tom Sawyer run for president: "You know what's great? Being a bad speaker! And having very few people show up at my events! Nothing better than the peace and quiet of an sparsely attended townhall. I'd hate to be cool and flashy and eloquent. What could be more suspicious then that? Meanwhile, you should see what I'm going to do later. It's going to be great!"
As the big boys say: Heh. Indeed.

While I'm linking to Ezra Klein, I might mention that thus far his blog has been my favorite source for coverage of a convention that I am -- frankly -- mostly ignoring.* This post did a good job of summing up my (and other's) fears about how the convention is going. And, although not a characteristic post about the convention, this is my favorite post to come out of the convention so far. So check out his blog's convention coverage if you're interested in that sort of thing.

*These things are now meaningless except as week-long advertisements; and I wonder how many people watch them, except for political junkies who have already made up their minds anyway. I'll probably watch Obama's speech tonight -- the main event -- but for the most part it seems like a good week to get some work done.

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