Friday, August 29, 2008

New Orleans Yartzeit (Year Three)

Time once again to light a candle in memory of the dead, and of the great city that drowned. And to swear that, next time, we will be there for our fellow citizens, as we -- acting through our government, the collective agent of its people -- were not last time.

And to hope -- and pray, if you're the praying type -- that the dire warnings once again being spoken turn out, this time, to be needless.

And, lastly, to act so as to minimize both the chances of such storms (i.e. stop fucking with the Earth's climate) and the impact they will have upon our country when they, inevitably, do occur (i.e. have a government which manages to care for our basic infrastructure, and to treat emergency response as a sacred duty and not a patronage plan).


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