Thursday, January 07, 2010

Because Sometimes You Just Need To Focus On the Positive... after last post's depressing ruminations, here's a totally cheery quote of the day (via):
...the great consolation of the Oy’s, for me and people like me, was – and I mean this in a healthful, life-affirming way – our ruthless and total conquest of the culture. Science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, vampires, zombies and werewolves are the mainstream now. We own your movie theaters, your TV screens, your bestseller lists, even your highfalutin’ literary awards. Even what’s left of the dread New York Literary Establishment has largely succumbed. The remaining anti-fantasm holdouts no longer have the power to infuriate; they are not even tiresome any more because there aren’t enough of them to tire one. On the very rare occasions when one encounters a supposedly serious critic condemning fantastic fiction out of hand, it’s like discovering an eight-track-tape player in a flea market: you marvel that it might still work, but it’s tempered by realizing that it couldn’t play anything that matters to you these days.

-- Jim Henley
I'm not totally convinced -- at least, not yet -- that Henley's right about this. But it's a cheery thought, and I wanted a cheery thought today. So yeah: geeks rule!

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