Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 10 Consoling Thoughts About Brown's Win In Massachusetts

10) Conservative Dems wouldn't have let Senate do anything after health care anyway;

9) Dems so good at messing sh$t up that they would probably have still managed to mess up health care even if Brown hadn't won;

8) We all still have a few days to fantasize that Obama & Congress will respond by actually doing stuff (like passing a health care bill that will help millions, or a stimulus that might be big enough to actually create some !@#$ing jobs) -- that is, act like this and this -- rather than by being even more polite, even more bipartisan, even more conservative... that is, by being their usual craven, cringing self.

7) In 2012, Mass Democrats might decide to nominate a candidate with a pulse (or Bobby or Ted Kennedy. Even without a pulse they'd rock.)

6) ...

I dunno. Anyone have any more? 'Cause from where I sit it looks pretty damn grim.

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