Monday, May 23, 2005

100 Great Pages: Small Thumbnails in Reverse Order

Another in my various experiments with thumbnail indexes. These are thumbnails of all the posts I've done so far in the 100 Great Pages series, in the reverse of the order that I've written them, i.e. keeping new ones first. Clicking the image will take you to the post in question.

There is another thumbnail index here, with slightly larger thumbnails, in order of posting, and with text labels identifying each page.

Still more indexes: Click here for an introduction to the series, including a text-only version of this list. Or, for an index by creator, click here, and for an index by title, click here.

(Housekeeping: As with the other thumbnail index, I'm keeping this page deep in the archives because I'm worried about it's size once I get many dozens of images. This too was actually created in May, 2007, and will be regularly updated.)

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