Thursday, June 16, 2005

Opening Words

The hour is late, the lines already long, the concert starts in a few minutes and there's no hope that there will be any tickets left: but stamping our feet in the cold, we stand in line anyway, hoping against hope that we'll somehow get in, and consoling ourselves that even if we don't, at least we'll enjoy the sight of the crowds milling around outside.

Or perhaps the party's already hopping, the few suckers who got here too early and were forced to stand awkwardly around the cavernous room feeling the space and devouring the piled hors d'oeuvres did their part in breaking in the room, and we can enter fashionably late, now that everything is in full swing and it's just the place to be.

Who's to say?

What is clear is that blogging has expanded like Shenzen: everyone who's anyone is doing it, and pretty soon everyone else will be, too. So I thought I'd sneak inside while there still might be some hors d'oeuvres left. I always like those chicken-fingers.

Welcome to my blog.

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