Saturday, May 12, 2007

Look, Ma! Links!

• Since I've written a few times on the Codex Seraphinianus, I certainly should mention the excellent essay on the Codex in the most recent issue of The Believer. (via)

• Hey, my high school has a Wikipedia page! How 'bout that.

• Speaking of Wikipedia: Teresa Neilsen Hayden gives up on Wikipedia; a long and fascinating thread ensues -- probably the best discussion I've ever seen about Wikipedia's strengths and flaws anywhere. Definitely worth a read if it's a topic of interest to you. For the Reader's Digest version read the posts linked to in the updates to the main post. (Also from Making Light: Patrick vs. genre snobs.)

• I honestly don't remember if I've linked to this before or not, but I don't think I have. And it's one of the funniest things ever (at least for me) -- after several read throughs I still can't get through it without laughing so hard that oxygen really becomes an issue.

You know those "lateral thinking tests" that test if you can think outside the box? (Y'know, this sort of thing?) Well, here's a page that really teaches you to think outside the aardvark. Warning: works best if read in order and not browsed. (If memory serves, I got this link from Making Light too; but it was a while ago, so I might be wrong about that.)

• These 10-word judgments of Tony Blair are really quite surprisingly evocative, especially if you read a whole bunch of them. (via)

• Someone has posted the entire documentary Jesus Camp online. (via) Creepy and gripping and well worth watching: a powerful glimpse of today's America. (But if you want to see it, watch it soon; RIAA only knows how long it'll be posted there...) And I'd forgotten that Ted Haggard had a significant role in the film...

• While I'm on religious themes: this bit of biblical reasoning is my favorite post from the latest carnival of the godless. And lest anyone think I'm being one-sided here, this is a rather sharp skewering of Dawkins' book The God Delusion (via Andrew Rilstone, who has a rather lengthier (and more Douglas Adams-flavored) attack on Dawkins of his own.)

• Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie married last weekend. Neil Gaiman has photos. (via)

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Unknown said...

Oh, man, that "thinking outside the aardvark" (the title of which I don't understand, but whatever) had the same effect on me. I thought I was going to cough up a lung or something from laughing too hard. And I don't even know what Stingray is (a British sci-fi show, it seems). Maybe it's the British humor or something, but that was some funny-ass shit.