Tuesday, March 24, 2009

File Under "Google is !@#$%ing Awesome"

A google search for "Lilly Rosemary" -- just those two words -- brought up, first, a video of the Dylan song I was searching for. The fourth hit was a link to the lyrics on Dylan's official site; the fifth was to the song's wikipedia page.


Besides, this recent Google logo:

--was enough to warm any new parent's heart. (More here; design by Eric Carle himself.)

On blog-related matters: sorry for my recent radio silence. There is no reason except the main reason. I keep hoping that my life will return to a sufficient balance that I can blog somewhat more (I have a number of longer pieces I want to write when I find the time); but so far, no. (By this time last year, I'd put up 54 posts; so far this year, I've managed a third of that, and almost all of those have been quick links & quotes, rather than more substantial pieces.) I continue to hope things will change. In the meantime, my apologies; and, as always, I invite you to browse the archives -- or the other fine blogs in my sidebar.


Unknown said...

Hey, blog slowdown is expected when you're a new parent. Don't beat yourself up.

Have you been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to your son already? I read it to my daughter, and have been for a while now, but as she gets older (she's one already!), she gets kind of impatient with it sometimes. Maybe when she's older still, the counting will interest her more.

Stephen said...

Since they say to start reading early, I have been reading various things to Joseph -- a mixture of early kids books (hence, The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and adult books, focusing on those with rhythm and rhyme (hence) since it is mostly the sounds he likes anyway (to the extent that he likes anything other than being held and hearing our voices; I'm not entirely sure). But yeah, we're reading it.