Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Going to Continue Quiet 'Round Here a While

After having two of my heaviest blogging-ever months in February and March, and a perfectly respectable April, May has been quiet around here. So I thought I'd pop up to let y'all know that this is likely to continue, at least for a few more weeks. Nothing wrong, just busy. (As I've always tried to stress, things here at Attempts have always been, and will always be, on-and-off-again, depending on time and whim.)

In the meantime, via my favorite blogger for links, here's a collection of 70 covers of Dylan songs in honor of Dylan's 70th birthday this week. It was downloading very slowly on the birthday itself, but it's doing well know, and the collection is a lot of fun. The first one to make me stop my tour through the set to listen to it again was Hazel Dickens's cover of "It's Only a Hobo".

Be seeing you.

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