Monday, August 08, 2011

Comics-Related Links, Mostly Over a Year Old

These have been sitting in my "I should link to these" folder for a long time. They're all still fun.

Snoopy writes a Batman story. Really.

Scott Eric Kaufman on teaching Warren Ellis's Planetary.

Comics (and cartoon) characters' names in Chinese.

Scott McDaneil analyzes the layout of a page of Promethea. Anyone who likes my 100 Great Comics Pages series (which I do intend to resume, some day) will like this one.

Tom Neeley boils down an old X-Men comic to a single page. The comic in question is X-Men #143 (discussion).

The Peanuts as Marvel characters.

More Peanuts-related humor.

Watchmen characters as manga-style young girls.

Todd Klein on making the "Library of Dream" poster.

Ng Suat Tong writes about superhero comics, collaboration and writers.

Sean T. Collins disagrees with ibid.

Superuseless Superpowers.

Stuart McMillen's Amusing Ourselves to Death: the Comics Adaptation.

Ten most iconic Marvel comics panels of all time, from a poll. With links to #70 - 11, in case the top ten isn't enough for you.

Government comic books.

Sandman as a quintessential novel about/from the 1990's.

• And, a cri de coeur from two and a half years ago: Tom Spurgeon on why there's hope for comics in the recession (from December, 2008). Since, thanks to the action of our politicians, we're going to be dealing with economic misery for the foreseeable future, still timely.

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