Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Truth Crushed to Earth Will Rise Again

So the bastards did it: they closed down the original occupy wall street encampment, in Zuccotti park. I hope to God this backfires on them.

Personally, I think the only adequate response would be a general strike -- probably Thursday, since that when a day of action was and is being called for anyway. But that's what should happen. They shut down the park, we shut down the city.

I only wish to God I was in NYC now so I could propose this, listen to reactions, and help.

Right now I'm thinking of breaking down and finally joining twitter, because it seems like the only way to keep up with what's going on. In the meantime, some tweets I've seen:
NYC authorities clearly feel #OWS eviction is just and reasonable. That's why they are doing it at 2am and barring all press.

-- George Zornick

Peacefully shut #NYC down #OWS! Strike! Shut it down!

-- Cooper's Hawk

NYPD Occupying Liberty Square; Demands Unclear

-- Mike Castleman
More when I can. [Update: tweet added.] In the meantime, the image below is from the official OWS twitter. Pass it on.

Update: Glenn Greenwald quotes a OWS spokesman (hey, I thought they didn't have any of those?):
A military style raid on peaceful protesters camped out in the shadow of Wall Street, ordered by a cold ruthless billionaire who bought his way into the mayor’s office.
That about covers it. Greenwald also has important points to make about the militarization of the police breaking up OWS (and similar encampments elsewhere (did you hear that they used police helicopters to ensure that no media helicopters would be able to see what they did as they broke up the protest (in conjunction with an on-the-ground press blackout, of course.)), as well as about the fact that, by ignoring the court order for him not to break up the encampment, "Bloomberg this morning has broken more laws than the hundreds of protesters who were arrested". Not that anyone will care, of course -- by which I mean, any of the 1%, who are the only people whose opinions count in this country. ("Now you're not naive enough to think we're living in a democracy, are you buddy?" - Gordon Gekko, Wall Street, 1987. Back before it was as bad as it is now.)

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