Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Who'd Have Thought We'd Have So Much In Common?

Scarily, I seem to have something in common with the base of the Republican Party: like them, I can't decide which of the clowns that are running for the Republican nomination I dislike the least.

Actually, it's even closer than that: like them, my order preference is roughly Romney-Santorm-Gingrich, but not clearly so, and without the slightest genuine like for any of the three. (And like them, there's a small, persistent part of me that finds Ron Paul attractive, but not nearly enough to settle on him, and thus in the end find that he is basically irrelevant to this calculation.)

I guess the only thing we disagree on is whether Obama is unspeakably better or unspeakably worse than the clowns.

Yeah, that's all we disagree on. Apart, that is, from absolutely everything else.

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