Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quote of the Day: What Passes For Hope These Days

A quote from a four-year-old post by Jonathan Schwarz titled Global Warming: Why We're Not 100% Doomed:
Almost all political conflict, especially in the US, boils down to a fight between the Sane Billionaires and the Insane Billionaires. It generally follows this template:

: Let's kill everyone and take their money!

SANE BILLIONAIRES: I like the way you think. I really do. But if we keep everyone alive, and working for us, we'll make even more money, in the long term.


So from a progressive perspective, you always have to hope the Sane Billionaires win. Still, there's generally a huge chasm between what the Sane Billionaires want and what progressives want.
Sadly, Schwartz's title notwithstanding, current indications are that we are, in fact, 100% doomed.

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