Friday, August 31, 2012

Retweeting on Blogger Because I Don't Actually Tweet

The Tweet that made me start this post (seen here):

And then the tweets that I saw while tracking it down that fall into the 'while I'm at it...' category:


...and that's all for tonight.

(Why don't I tweet? I hear you cry. Two reasons, at least, each sufficient even in the absence of the other: first, a prolix fellow like myself can't hardly express himself in 140 words let alone 140 characters* -- witness this post -- and second, it'd just be another time-suck I can ill afford.)

* The Chinese have it easier. Chinese is not a primarily monosyllabic language -- each syllable is not a word (Classical Chinese was, I believe, but present-day Mandarin is not) -- but their words tend to be made up of two characters (sometimes three, sometimes one). As opposed to English. So they can say a lot more in 140 characters than we can. Maybe if I ever actually, y'know, learn Chinese I'll tweet.

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