Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Posts of 2012

First, eight in alphabetical order:

1. An Atheist Jew Reflects on the Mormon Baptism of the Dead
2. Composition No. 1: a Review (Sort Of)
3. Do Libertarians Believe in Slavery?
4. Remarks on Red Plenty by Francis Spufford
5. Surprises in Rereading Classic Children's Literature: Kipling's Just So Stories edition
6. Thoughts on Yoram Hazony's Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture
7. What if the World Ends Tomorrow and No One Notices?
8. We Are All Senator Inhofe Now

Those are, I think, my most substantive posts of the year.

Then two others which are simply the syllabi I did for my two new courses this fall.  These are actually equally substantive (at least) as the above -- certainly, a lot of work and thought went into them --  but they're not quite your standard blog posts, so I thought I'd list them separately.

9. Syllabus for American Studies 100: The History of American Culture
10. Syllabus for American Studies 101: Myths and Paradoxes

Then two which, although both are simply quotes of things other people said, but given the collection (in the first case) and the edition/repurposing (in the other), I feel like they're substantive:

11. The Forthcoming Prequels To Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen: Quote Roundup
12. Lines in Larry Kramer's Seminal Essay "1,112 and Counting..." Which Could Be Written Today About Global Warming

And, finally, one which is rather less substantive than others on this list, but I like it, in a "it's pleasantly quirky" sort of way:

13. Theodorides's Epigram (and Diverse Tangentially Related Matters

And that baker's dozen of posts are, I think, the best I've done on this blog this year.  Although of course it goes without saying that you ought to go and read everything I post since it's all golden.

Happy New Year to all my noble readers.  I'll see you anon.

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