Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Reading on College Pedagogy (and a few other matters)

I came across these two essays by Adam Kotsko, and wanted to commend them to anyone working as a teacher in a college-or-later setting as rich food for pedagogical thought.  They repeat themselves somewhat -- he reuses some paragraphs -- but they both add something to his overall picture.  And while they start in a direction I would have said I disagree with, he makes some pretty compelling points.  Anyway, check them out:
Kotsko, by the way, is an interesting guy all around.  Until now I've known him mostly from his blogging, but poking around after reading these essays his main work looks pretty interesting too.  (Indeed, a few pieces of it I'd already read and liked -- e.g. his review of Red Plenty -- without remembering who wrote them.)  Here's an excerpt from one of his books, on Zizek and theology; here's an excerpt from another one, on sociopaths in contemporary TV shows.    I found both more interesting than I thought I would based on their announced subjects.  Kotsko was also kind enough to point out that Orson Welles's The Trial is available for free online. (He teaches at a pretty interesting looking college too -- an interesting variant on the St. John's College model.)

* If there was ever a follow-up 'Immersion Method II' essay, I couldn't find it.

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