Monday, December 02, 2013

Michael Kammen (1936 - 2013)

I returned from a Thanksgiving trip to the news that my graduate advisor, Michael Kammen, died last Friday.  I hope to write something soon about him, in particular about what an amazing advisor he was.  For now, I don't have the heart.

For the moment, I thought I'd just post links to obituaries I've seen.  (I've seen precious few; I assume there will be more.  I'll add links when I see them.)  Here are some links:

Newspaper obituaries:

The Cornell Chronicle
Cornell Daily Sun (partially reprinted at HNN)
The Washington Post
Boston Globe
The LA Times
The New York Times 

Other comments & remembrances:

US Intellectual History BlogOrganization of American Historians
The Historical Society
The Ithaca Journal
Sara Polak

More will be added as I see them.  (If you have seen others, please leave links in the comments.)

Rest in peace, Michael.  You are sorely missed.

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