Thursday, December 20, 2007

From the Annals of Wonderfully Wacky Holiday Gifts

Prepare to turn green with jealousy, Noble Readers: I now have the holiday gift to end all holiday gifts, the single artifact towards which all Western Civilization -- nay, billions of years of evolution -- has been striving, the single thing that all right-thinking people want most.

Behold... B-movie victim action figures!

Click for a larger image. -- C'mon. You know you can't resist. If you can't read what the guy on the far right is saying, you aren't getting the full experience.

I particularly like the play suggestion from the back of the box. Take a gander:

Don't you like how the "you provide the monster" was exemplified with a one-eyed teddy bear? I thought you did.

All I need now is a Cute Galactus, and my toy collection will be Complete...

(Imagine that last word said a Jedi voice (Have you ever noticed how the Jedi are really into completion? That and not underestimating.))

I can only hope everyone else's holidays are going half as well...

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