Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life

Over the past few years I've gotten back into comics graphic novels, and I've read fairly widely (I think) over a range of stuff -- mainstream, indie, in-between, old and new. It's been fun. (A story which I will tell in more detail another time, perhaps.)

But I haven't gotten into web comics -- with the single and important exception of those of Scott McCloud, who of course has been (eloquently and gracefully) telling us all that webcomics are The Future for some years now. But while I've followed some of his links before -- and certainly found some stuff that was beautifully drawn, and other stuff that seemed very well observed (in the social-observation, novelistic sense) -- I haven't been quite hooked on anything. Not sure why. Until recently, I might have even said that it was somehow the format, the McCloud-exception notwithstanding.

But the other day I found (via) the strip Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life -- and read the entire thing in two sittings. It's utterly charming in a lightly humorous, sweet, nihilistic sort of way, and I recommend it to one and all. (Though I will say that what hooked me was the second episode, so do read through the first two before deciding it's not to your taste. Oh, and definitely read them in order, starting with #1, not with the current episode which is at the top of the page.)

(Caveat Surftor: Nowhere Girl (linked to above) isn't showing up for me in Safari, but it appears fine in Firefox. And the Three Kingdoms Webcomic that the Sinosplice post linked to above recommends is down at the moment, alas.)

Update: The Three Kingdoms Webcomic is now back up. And now it has moved to a new link here: Three Kingdoms Webcomic.


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