Sunday, August 06, 2006

Recent Flurry Followed by a Lull

I think I have blogged more in the last six weeks or so than I have in any equivalent period. Wages of procrastination. I doubt I'll be able to keep it up -- so if I'm not putting up as much stuff in coming weeks, I haven't quit, I'm just easing off a bit. But it's been kinda fun.

In any event, six weeks or so ago, on my one-year blogoversery, I made a collection of my more substantial posts from my first year. Early though it is, I thought I would do the same (more for my benefit than anything else) of my recent postings. As before, I will be organizing these by category.

Israel/Lebanon/Just War Theory (my posts)
The Problem with Disproportionate Responses
Lawyering for the Slayers of Civilians: a Link Round-Up
Hierarchies of Power
Lo Tirtsach
An Unspoken Admission?
The Enemy of my Enemy is Not Necessarily My Friend

Lebanon: Letters from My Sister-in-Law
Report from Beirut
Report from Beirut 2
Report from North of Beirut
Report from North of Beirut 2

U.S. Politics
For Want of a Nail a World Was Lost
Fascism, Pseudo-Fascism and the Real Danger
And As Things Fell Apart Nobody Paid Much Attention

Religion Posts
Reality-Based Theists and the Efficacy of Petitionary Prayer
Reality-Based Theists and Petitionary Prayer: Replies to Some Replies

Cultural Posts
Rant (On Comics, Reviewers and the NYT)
In Which the Author Distracts Himself from Impending Global Disaster with Minor Literary Research
A Few (Fairly Random) Thoughts on the Unaired Buffy Pilot
On Not Reading Leo Strauss

NY State Politics/Gay Marriage
New York is Officially a Discriminatory State
Spitzer for Governor

Wacky Wikipedia Lists

Perhaps I will note, for no particular reason, that most of these can also be read at my page at a site called

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