Monday, December 25, 2006

Recommended Reading

There's a very interesting discussion of the relation of bloggers to the mainstream media going on at Orcinus, the blog run by (professional journalist) David Niewert and recently joined by Sara Robinson. David starts the discussion here; Sara adds her contribution here; and then Sara brings a recent E. J. Dionne article into the discussion here (the full essay can be read here). (Update: to help get you in the mood, the AP printed a long-discredited lie this past weekend.)

On the other hand, if you're in the mood for something more seasonal, or more humorous, may I recommend the Evil Santa generator (via); the story of Jesus's birth, re-told in Legos (at the Brick Testament, natch); or either of these two wonderful Christmas Songs by Jonathan Coulton: "Chiron Beta Prime" and "Podsafe Christmas Song".

And as those in my tribe say, Gut Yontiff.

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Anonymous said...

And Feliz Natal to you, S.

I think I contributed a comment to one of the early posts in that lot over at Orcinus, perhaps naively questioning the value of the ravening hunger to punish somebody, anybody, for the failures of the press, but I think I'm naturally averse to the devising of punishments and coercions, which makes a bad fit for the current mood of the liberal blogosphere. Maybe I'm just too fond of getting away with stuff.

Happy New Year.