Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday Systematic X: Wait Edition

"If you want start a meme and stuff, you need to do it regularly."

-- apologies to Arlo Guthrie

With this whole Saturday Systematic X thing, not all words work equally well, of course. Typing "love" into my iTunes search box gets me -- unsurprisingly -- a huge number of results -- 128, in fact. No problem with that, I suppose, except that I don't feel like typing in 128 !@#$% entries. Similarly, typing in "night" got me 67 entries -- including every single song from the album A Hard Day's Night. (The iTunes search function searches not only title and but artist, album, and various other things too, I think.) Again, just too gorram many.

I suppose that, given the season, I should have made this a "Christmas" edition... but I only had three songs with "Christmas" in the title, and it didn't seem fun enough. (Yeah, only three: whadya want, I'm Jewish.)

So a certain selectivity is required. If the first one produces too many results (or too few), try again -- and wait until you get a manageable one, and blog that.

Like, for example, "wait", which produced a list of 15 songs -- a reasonable size. So, in alphabetical order by title, we have:

1. Awaiting On You All, George Harrison
2. Can't Wait, Bob Dylan
3. Crying, Waiting, Hoping, The Beatles
4. Groom's Still Waiting at the Alter, Bob Dylan
5. Jersey Girl, Bruce Springsteen
6. Just You Wait, Lerner & Lowe
7. Memories Can't Wait, Talking Heads
8. She's Waiting, Eric Clapton
9. Someone is Waiting, Stephen Sondheim
10. Wait, The Beatles
11. Waitin' on a Sunny Day, Bruce Springsteen
12. Waiting for a Girl Like You, Foreigner*
13. Waiting for the Big One, Peter Gabriel
14. Waiting for the End of the World, Elvis Costello
15. Waiting for the Sun, The Doors

A few notes: the Beatles rendition of "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" is from the Live at the BBC set that came out some years ago. (I actually once had the Buddy Holly version... but that was on cassette, and who listens to cassettes any more? I should get that again sometime.) And if you're wondering why "Jersey Girl" by Bruce Springsteen is on that list... it was actually written by Tom Waits.

As always, this is a meme: if you have an iPod and a blog (or the equivalents), do it for yourself, whether or not it's Saturday, either on the word "wait" or any other; report the results; and leave a link in the comments.

Also, what great "wait" songs am I missing? Anything I simply can't wait to get?**

* I am so not going to apologize for this.
** I'm not going to apologize for that, either.

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