Thursday, June 07, 2007

Forecast: Light Posting

I've had three high-volume months here at Attempts, so I wanted to let everyone know that posting might be lighter in the coming weeks. I'm feeling a lot of pressure on other fronts, so I think I have to try and back off the blogging a bit. (We'll see how I do... better bloggers than I have tried & failed at this.)

In particular, I'm not abandoning my 100 Great Pages series only 12% finished; I intend to keep going on with it. But you'll note I never gave myself a deadline. And those posts take a lot of time, attention and effort, and their frequency might drop from once a week to, say, once a month, or even less. I'll do 'em if and when I have time and energy to spare.

In short: I may be around less frequently. But I ain't going away permanently. I'll be in and out -- just a bit less often.

(There's an RSS feed in the sidebar if that's easier for folks to use to keep up with an irregularly posting blog.)

Note: Post moved to the top since it remains relevant.

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