Thursday, September 18, 2008

Questions Answered

A few quick links to answer a few questions relating to the politics of the day.

Who would a principled conservative vote for in the November election?

The former publisher of the National Review makes an argument. (via)

What do you need to do in our country to gain a reputation for credibility on the issue of national security?

Matthew Yglesias explains.

Why might Sarah Palin try to save a negligable amount of money by forcing rape victims to pay for the kits used to collect evidence, thereby reducing the likelihood that rapists will be convicted of their crimes?

Hekebolos puts forward a theory -- a very logical answer I'd never thought of. (via)

What are the seven deregulations that helped create the current crisis, and what are three directions that regulations to fix the crisis (and prevent the next) should go in?

Robert Kuttner has some lists.

What can we do to try to restore our constitutional structure after the extraordinary damage inflicted upon it by the Bush administration?

Marty Lederman offers some ideas. (via)

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