Friday, April 01, 2011

An Even Bloggier March (Accidental Poetry Month: Index)

So after noting that this past February was my second-highest posting month ever, it turns out that i put up even more posts this March (it was, in fact, my single heaviest posting-month ever). It's not quite the same as last month, though, since most were just me reprinting poems -- upon finding that I had (quite coincidentally -- some of them were even pre-scheduled some time before March) put up seven poems, I declared it Accidental Poetry Month™ and (deliberately) put up more than a dozen more.

It's been fun.

I thought I'd post links to all of them in one place, in case anyone's curious; but first let me draw attention to two very personal posts I put up this month:
If you were going to read just two of my posts from this month, those are the ones I'd suggest (even, push).

Apart from that, however, here are the poems I put up on this blog. An asterisk indicates that the post in question has a significant amount of material (a judgment call, obviously) in addition to the text of the poem -- not always about the poem itself, and in at least one cast only tangentially related at best. In the other cases, the post is basically just the poem, with at most a paragraph or two clarifying some reference or the like. So you can go especially to, or avoid, either kind as you prefer.

Barnstone, Willis, "The Secret Reader"
Baudelaire, Charles, "L'Albatros" *
Cope, Wendy, "Waste Land Limericks"
Donne, John, "Hero and Leander" *
Eliot, George, "God Needs Antonio"
Frost, Robert, "Carpe Diem"
---, "Fire and Ice" *
---, "Mowing"
Frug, Stephen Saperstein, "Midas"
Gwynn, R. S., "Approaching a Significant Birthday..." *
Heaney, Seamus, "Requiem for the Croppies"
Hollander, John, "Kitty"
---, "Kitty and Bug"
--- "Powers of Thirteen: 29"
Jarrell, Randall, "90 North"
---, "At dawn, the sun..." (from The Bat Poet) *
---, "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner"
---, "A Lullaby"
---, "The Old and the New Masters" *
Li Bai, "Thoughts on a Quiet Night" *
Pound, Ezra, "In a Station of the Metro" *
Qabbani, Nizar, "Less Beautiful"
Sidgwick, Frank, "The Aeronaut to His Lady"
Wilbur, Richard, "Advice to a Prophet"

A rather eclectic little anthology, to be sure. But all poems worth reading, which is enough.

And as I said before: don't be surprised if things quiet down around here: these things go in cycles, and I've been running hot awhile. On the other hand, I said that last month too, so I suppose you shouldn't be surprised if the opposite happens, either.

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