Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quote of the Day: One Genius Admires Another

Doctor Horrible is unbridled genius.

-- David Simon
(Link not in the original.)

That, by the way, is from the comments to David Simon's blog (!!!!), which has the marvelous title "The Audacity of Despair". Word to that.

I found the blog because superblogger Gerry Canavan linked to this post on it (which is awesome, incidentally).

Update: Bonus quote from the-website-that-ate-my-morning (thanks, Canavan):
One of the happiest memories of my years working on NBC’s Homicide was the meeting with Orioles officials to propose the above storyline [in which a murder was committed at Oriole Park].

“A murder? Why would we show a murder at the ballpark?”

“It’s Yankee fan who gets killed.”

“Okay, but still…”

“Another Yankee fan kills him.”

Long pause, smiles in the room. Sold.

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