Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Geek-Surf So You Don't Have To

Members of the Writer's Guild of America (which covers TV & movies) are out on strike. This is a link round-up.

WGA members on the strike:

Joss Whedon
Brian K. Vaughan (via)
Jane Espenson (via, who also a link to Obama & Edwards's comments)
J. Michael Straczynski (follow-up here; he also opines that "In order to have any real impact, the strike will have to be at least as long as the '88 strike, which lasted six months")
John Rogers, aka Kung Fu Monkey, who also has links to a lot more (plus a brief note -- but with bonus Coultony goodness! -- here)

(I haven't seen any specific comments from them, but the strike is also supported by David Simon, creator of The Wire, Ronald Moore, creator of the revamped Battlestar Galactica, and a great many other TV writers/producers too... almost everyone whose work I enjoy in TV (and the rest I probably just haven't seen yet, to be honest.))

Other WGA strike blogging:

Nathan Newman, always good on labor issues, adds a bit of historical context
• (Update) ...and, as usual, what Digby said.

I'll add more links if and when I see 'em...

Update: Again via Atrios (who's been blogging this a lot), this is a blog focusing on the strike. Lots of interesting stuff there.

Another Update, with more Whedon-y Goodness: Joss Whedon has been blogging the strike over at Whedonesque; aside from the above-linked comment, here are his posts on the topic: one, two three. ("I can’t let this shoddy journalism go unanswered. They have turned me into a blogger. And that I do not forgive.") The first one is the one to read if you read only one.

And just for kicks, here are photos of the Mutant Enemy writers on strike.

(PS: I think that this link should get you to a Whedonesque page with just Joss posts on it -- including, presumably, any future posts he does on the strike.)

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