Thursday, November 01, 2007

New York Readers: Contact Schumer!

Any of my readers from New York (state) should contact Senator Schumer and demand that he vote against Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey in the Judiciary Committee (on which he sits). Mukasey has refused to say that waterboarding -- a standard method of torture from the Inquisition through Khmer Rouge through, horrifyingly, Bush's America -- is torture.

Mukasey's nomination is now before the Judiciary committee; if it doesn't get out of committee, odds are he won't be confirmed. And Schumer is a key vote -- and is refusing to say how he'll vote: his mind is not made up.

The descent of the U.S. to its open embrace of torture is one of the (many) things vying for the most horrifying acts of the Bush Administration*; and our senator, who happens to be in a key post, is on the fence about it. Tell him to vote no.

Update: ...and Schumer comes out in favor of Michael Waterboardin' Mukasey. Nuts.
* Well, after invading Iraq: that's pretty safely at number one, unless he invades Iran.

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